On Site HR Assistance


One of the main problems faced by companies today is the loss of working hours which thereby affects the productivity of the department due to the absence of employees. Let it be a planned or unplanned absenteeism, it is bound to cost you time and money. One of the best solutions for the same would be to contract staffs based on the requirement of your project or department. People Catalyst is a one-stop source for all your HR Department requirements and we make it easier for your business by providing the utmost quality and competent staff to efficiently handle HR departmental activities.


  • We understand the client’s need for HR personnel and get an understanding of the various activities to be engaged with.
  • Based on this understanding a suitable candidate with valid experience depending on the extent of interaction and involvement is identified.
  • The candidate is sent to the client site to assist the HR departmental function with almost nil supervision required on the subject/departmental function.
  • He/She will see to it that the HR policies, guidelines, procedures are being adhered to and in case of any deviation will take corrective and preventive action along with the support and consultation of HR Experts from the office of People Catalyst.
  • Depending on the time frame of the assignment, the on-site candidate can be placed at the client site on a weekly basis from 1 day to 6 days on a monthly or annual retainer basis for the duration of the assignment.
  • There will be regular feedback sought on the services of the on-site candidate to ensure client satisfaction.