Policy & Process Documentation

Any organization needs to have a good streamlined process documentation that will help maintain standards and also train its employees to deliver more efficiently. But it is a daunting task of updating and managing process documentation which can be time-consuming for the existing employees who would be completely engaged in their daily operational activities. This can lead to outdated and many a times incomplete process/policy manuals.

We at People Catalyst understand this shortcoming and the requirement for your business to get the best of professional help in this area. Our experience and expertise in the field derived by working with many companies can develop HR Policy and Process documentation with up-to-date and user-friendly manuals which serve as a guideline to Managers and Supervisors in workplace environment management.


  • People Catalyst will understand your company’s business operations, current practices, and procedures.
  • People Catalyst will suggest policies and procedures suitable to your company’s needs which are relevant and in compliance with the labor laws.
  • People Catalyst will design and document the policies after discussions with the top management of your company and on mutually agreed terms.
  • Policies and Procedures will be communicated to the employees at all levels of the organization in the presence of the management to ensure clarity, employee understanding, and transparency.
  • Depending on your choice, People Catalyst will either hand over the policy and procedure document or hand- hold your company in its implementation for a mutually agreed timeframe.
  • Laying down company policies helps in communicating with employees various values and principles that the company holds closely and expects its employees to comply with
  • Communication of policies and procedures to employees ensures transparency in the system, thereby building Trust
  • Helps build employee loyalty and commitment to the organization because uniform policies and procedures help in equal employee treatment and opportunities, eliminating personal biases.