training and Development


People Catalyst offers professional Training and Development services which are designed to aid in the positive development of employees and growth for the organization. We offer the opportunity to provide your employee at all levels with a wide array of workplace centric soft skills that will go a long way in improving productivity, sense of ownership and teamwork. Our training team with our extensive portfolio of development programs helps you in enhancing your workforce thereby facilitating you to keep up your commitment to your employee’s future in the organization.


  • We study and understand your organization, its people and issues. Based on which, we with our team of expert trainers will come up with a solution to tactfully engage your employees with specific, customized, need-based modules for training.
  • Depending on the involvement and training intervention required, we suggest intensive training from 1 day to 3 days.
  • People Catalyst also engages in follow up training to assess the training effectiveness and also to align all participants to the common objective.
  • We deliver engaging and result oriented sessions on topics ranging from Change Management at all levels, Driving Ownership and Accountability, Teamwork and Workplace Collaboration, Value of Ethics and Principles and many more
  • Based on the training topics required to be delivered, we cater our services to Corporates, small and medium enterprises, educational institutions etc.